Interscapes (Switzerland 2004)

Mt. Pilatus, Lucerne, Switzerland, 2004

‘Wandering between two worlds, one dead, The other powerless to be born…’ – Matthew Arnold

There are in-between spaces, striation marks, disturbances to be seen in the urban and ‘edgeland’ environment that can be seen as a transmutation of our everyday disaffection, schism, and also a heartfelt love of the familiar and its transformative properties through the lens, the photographic inquisition and attentiveness.

In 2004, I travelled to Switzerland and became fascinated by the liminal spaces of this beautiful landscape – how mountains and deep lakes divide the human spaces in terms of altitude and depth, existing in verticality against my more normal planery existence at sea level. We adapt and carve out our own human spaces and do not often think of the dichotomy, the schism of beholding in wonderment the affected and disturbed landscapes that our encroachment engenders.