Interscapes (Denmark, 2007)

Aarhus, Denmark, 2007

‘Wandering between two worlds, one dead, The other powerless to be born…’ – Matthew Arnold

There are in-between spaces, striation marks, disturbances to be seen in the urban and ‘edgeland’ environment that can be seen as a transmutation of our everyday disaffection, schism, and also a heartfelt love of the familiar and its transformative properties through the lens, the photographic inquisition and attentiveness.

In 2007, I travelled to Aarhus in Denmark with my philosopher friend Dr. Simon Bowes. He attended a conference entitled ‘Human minds/Human kinds’ whilst I went in search of edges and to see how the human kinds here interacted with their environments – everyday or edgeland alike. Even in the height of summer, my experience was of a sleepy, quiet but private town of reserved people – one man told my that the British get their ‘reserve’ from the Danes, which I can believe. The water here shimmers invitingly, but there are no hills to survey or to gain perspective from. Everything is neat and tidy but it feels like there are secrets here – i sense “Murmers at every turn”, to quote the British photographer Raymond Moore.