Interscapes (San Francisco, 2008)

San Francisco, USA, 2008

‘Wandering between two worlds, one dead, The other powerless to be born…’ – Matthew Arnold

There are in-between spaces, striation marks, disturbances to be seen in the urban and ‘edgeland’ environment that can be seen as a transmutation of our everyday disaffection, schism, and also a heartfelt love of the familiar and its transformative properties through the lens, the photographic inquisition and attentiveness.

In 2008, I travelled to San Francisco, California. Growing up, travelling to bases with a dad who worked with the military, I was instantly fascinated by the area around The Presidio and the former Alcatraz penitentiary. Once a huge military base situated in the bay, The Presidio is now a national park and, like Alcatraz, it is a tourism hotspot which has lost any edginess or appelation of malice – though subsumed into popular culture and reintegrated into the bucolic vista, these environs are still eerie and evocotive.